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Industrial Duty Castors

 300 Series Castor Information 

Meeting and exceeding all performance standards due to a higher load bearing capacity the 300 Series has a wide range of uses. A sturdy pressed metal castor with a variety of wheel options allows you to select the correct wheel for your application and environment. A nylon wheel in a 300 series is most common for industrial and trolley applications, a rebound rubber wheel is ideal for road cases, transportable crates whilst a poly nylon wheel is best suited to industrial laundry trolleys and showroom displays. Cast Iron, Poly Cast Iron and Aluminium wheels are also available with this series.

 I6 Series Castor Information 

The I6 Series castors feature super elastic wheels to prevent flat-spotting. Their non-marking elastic rubber tyres absorb shock loads while reducing friction and operating noise. They come complete with threadguards and a bright zinc finish. Ideal for road and transport cases, display equipment, general materials handling equipment, kitchen trolleys, trolleys for hospitals, hotels and food courts.

 J2 and J3 Series Castor Information 

Heavy duty fabricated construction allows these castors to withstand high shock and impact loads. Grease nipple to headset bearings. Available in Nylon, Cast Iron, Non-marking Resilient  Rubber, Urethane on Nylon, Urethane on Cast Iron and Resilient Rubber on Cast Iron wheels. All wheels (except for Resilient Rubber on Cast Iron) come with precision bearings. Robust brake assembly with adjustable brake pad. Suitable for a wide range of applications including; General and stock picking trolleys, dollies and stillages, catering and industrial laundry equipment etc.


 Pneumatic Castor Information 

Pneumatic castors are ideal where trolleys need to be pushed over broken ground, grass gravel or sand. Available with 220mm, 255mm and 400mm diameter wheels that can take loads upto  360kg.